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Ever since man first looked at the world and decided that this animal or that animal looked good to eat, there have been only two underlying questions.

The first question has been “How do I cook the thing once I have gotten it?” 

The second question is “What do I put on it to make it taste good?” 

The answer to the first question can be very complicated and is entirely up to the individual, whether it is tossing it on the BBQ, Smoking it, Grilling it , Roasting it, Pan Frying it or any other way that one would like it. 

The answer to the second question is easy.  Use Walker Texas Rubs on the meat no matter the cooking style.  In fact Walker Texas Rubs is not just limited to being used on meats they are great on vegetables and many other food products.  They will even improve the taste of MRE’s.  So grab a couple of bottles for your pantry and Spice up your Life and Food.  

Life is too short to not have and enjoy Great BBQ"
John Walker Aggie Class of '95

Come back often.  

All you need to know about barbecue

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