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John Walker

Walker Texas Rubs is headed by John Walker who is a Native Texan and like all good Texans loves his BBQ.  John began his quest for the best BBQ at a very early age and it was not uncommon to find him around the smoker tending the firebox and waiting for the meat to be ready.  While travelling all over the world with the Marine Corps he found that the one thing that was missing every time he started smoking meat was the right rub to accent the meat. Over the past many years John has experimented with many of the common store bought rubs but none of them ever suited what he was looking for, so like all good Pit Masters he began experimenting on his own to create that perfect rub.  One of the problems he faced was that like any man he just never wrote everything down so when one rub was finished it was back to the drawing board.  After many tries John created his signature Brisket Rub, Pork Rub and Cajun Spice.  

John has a very strong tie to the military and is a third generation Marine.  He is a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and is a member of  numerous military organizations to include the VFW.  He lives in Texas with his wife and enjoys spending his time out at the grill or smoker as well as following his Beloved Aggies of Texas A&M University.  On Saturdays it is not uncommon to find him with something in the smoker and being told to calm down by his wife as he pulls for his Aggies.

After serving in the Marine Corps and taking part in the Gulf War and while there designed and drew up the plans for his own BBQ Joint that will be opened in the future.  John then worked in the restaurant business and then spent 10 years coaching High School Football but through it all his first love was BBQ and often times he would bring in his BBQ and spices to have his fellow coaches try out.  With the support of his wife he is now venturing out to start up his own BBQ Spice company and hence Walker Texas Rubs was born.

 One of his philosophies in life is that ............"Life is too short to not have and enjoy Great BBQ" ........John L. Walker '95


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